Pregnancy Complications

Will You Develop Type 2 Diabetes after Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can have a tremendous impact on a woman’s body. After pregnancy, your body has a different shape, you may have stretch marks, and you may find that your bladder is weaker than it was before you were pregnant. For some women, pregnancy may cause the onset of gestational diabetes – diabetes that occurs due

Understanding Round Ligament Pain

One of the more common ailments during pregnancy is pain in the muscles and joints. One of the more frustrating types of pregnancy pain, and one that can be disconcerting at times, is round ligament pain. Understanding exactly what the relationship is between pregnancy and round ligament pain can help you know what to do

Endometriosis and Your Pregnancy

Endometriosis refers to what happens when the lining of the uterus known as the endometrium attaches to some of the other organs located on the outside of the uterus.  Generally, the lining is shed during a woman’s period.  However, if this lining has attached itself to the outside of the uterus, it does not have

Is a Miscarriage of Multiples More Dangerous?

Having a multiple pregnancy carries with it a certain number of very specific risks.  As a mom of multiples, you can expect to have more testing, more ultrasounds, and more monitoring than if you were carrying only one baby.  Your pregnancy is, from the beginning, considered to be high risk.  You are at a higher

Coping with Stillbirth

Some advice about how to cope with having a stillbirth.

What will Happen if I am RH Negative and my Husband is RH Positive?

A look at what happens when a woman is RH-Negative and her husband is RH-Positive.

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