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Pregnancy Protein Implicated in Autism and Schizophrenia

Your baby’s development is influenced by almost countless factors. While you do your best to make sure your child isn’t impacted by your actions, there are some things that simply are beyond your control. Take, for example, the recent research on pregnancy and its relationship to autism and schizophrenia. According to researchers, This protein, known

Should You Have the Whooping Cough Vaccine During Pregnancy?

  Whooping cough is on the rise in the United States, with about 32,000 cases reported last year. Of those, 16 people died. There’s been a vaccine in place for whooping cough for quite a while and, while incidences are lower than they were half a century ago these numbers represent an increase. One of

The Importance of Hydration during Pregnancy

  Most women tend to pay a lot more attention to nutrition and diet during pregnancy than at other times in their lives. After all, your eating choices don’t just impact you; they impact your developing baby. One of the most often-overlooked concerns related to nutrition during pregnancy is hydration. During pregnancy, you need about

Depression During Your Pregnancy

Depression is common during and after pregnancy. Women in their first trimester, while hormonal changes are occurring rapidly, are at an especially high risk for depression. Often, the depression is compounded by feelings of guilt for feelings of guilt which comes from the idea that you should be happy when you are pregnant. Depression or

Pregnancy Employment Discrimination Laws

      If you’re pregnant and working, or if you’re thinking about getting pregnant and working, you need to know that there are specific federal laws in place that can help you in the event your employer discriminates against you. It’s illegal for a company to treat an employee or an employment applicant differently

Surviving Your Third Trimester

Here are some of the symptoms you’re likely to deal with during your third trimester, along with some helpful tips for dealing with them

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