Labor And Birth

Is Natural Childbirth Right for Me?

For several decades now there has been a trend among expectant mothers to decide to go through childbirth naturally without any pain medications. Some women balk at this idea, knowing that childbirth is going to be a very painful experience and hoping to have every advantage that medication can offer. There are a number of

Early Labor Signs

    As the day of her delivery approaches, many women become excited with anticipation about the birth of their child.  While this is, of course, true of new moms, those that have been through it before tend to be just as excited.  But, how do you recognize when the time has come?  And what

Some Thoughts on Birth Plans

A birth plan can be a wonderful tool for parents to use during the process of  labor and delivery. Having a birth plan will help you to address and identify a number of different issues that concern the birthing process. It’s also a good way to communicate with your obstetrician or midwife and any other

What kinds of things should a Birth Plan Include?

A discussion of some of the things that should be included in a birth plan, as well as other things that may be included.

Talking to your Doctor about your Birth Plan

Things to consider when preparing to talk to your doctor about your birth plan.

What is a Water Birth?

A look at the water birth, what it is, and some of the advantages and concerns.

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