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Pregnancy Sex: Is It Safe?

One of the concerns that many women who become pregnant for the first time is whether or not it’s safe to have sex during pregnancy. In fact, the question is probably more common among their male partners, who may have some serious reservations about the act itself. The quick answer is this: sex is safe

Alcohol and an Unplanned Pregnancy

One of the most dangerous things that a pregnant woman can do is to overindulge in alcohol during pregnancy. In fact, most medical practitioners recommend against consuming any alcohol whatsoever while you’re pregnant. But, what should you do if you have a surprise pregnancy and may have consumed alcohol during those first few weeks before

Prescription Medications During Pregnancy

One of the biggest concerns you are likely to have during pregnancy is whether or not the prescription medications you take are safe for your baby. Truth is, some medications are perfectly fine during pregnancy, even some prescription medications. Others, however, are known to be harmful. Still others haven’t specially been tested for safety during

Is Natural Childbirth Right for Me?

For several decades now there has been a trend among expectant mothers to decide to go through childbirth naturally without any pain medications. Some women balk at this idea, knowing that childbirth is going to be a very painful experience and hoping to have every advantage that medication can offer. There are a number of

Can I Take Sleeping Pills During Pregnancy?

One of the basic facts about being pregnant is that, when you’re pregnant, the food, drink and medications you take into your body can affect your baby. In many ways, these things can affect your baby negatively. While it’s perfectly safe for an adult to consume certain foods, drinks and medications, many of these things

Will You Develop Type 2 Diabetes after Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can have a tremendous impact on a woman’s body. After pregnancy, your body has a different shape, you may have stretch marks, and you may find that your bladder is weaker than it was before you were pregnant. For some women, pregnancy may cause the onset of gestational diabetes – diabetes that occurs due

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