Is It Safe To Get Pregnant So Soon After Giving Birth?

In terms of safety, there are a couple of issues to consider in regard to becoming pregnant again after giving birth. The first consideration is the healing process that your reproductive organs need to go through to be ready to conceive again. The second consideration is your body’s readiness to have sex again after giving birth.

The labor and delivery process force your uterus and your cervix go through tremendous changes. Accordingly, they need time to heal. Specifically, the lining of the uterus may be particularly prone to infection during this time. Not just sex but douching, the use of tampons, or the placement of anything in the vagina can introduce bacteria and cause a uterine infection. Lochia, the material that flows from your uterus after delivery, is a sign that your uterus is healing. When the flow of Lochia is not red in color any longer, it indicates that the uterus is nearly healed. This can take anywhere from three to eight weeks for most women. Waiting for your uterus and cervix to heal sufficiently are important parts of determining when it is safe to get pregnant after giving birth. If you get pregnant before this healing takes place, you are at increased risk for infections or even miscarriage.

Next, you need to make sure you’re waiting long enough after birth to have sex. While advice will vary from one health care provider to the next, most health care providers recommend that you abstain from sex until after your six-week postnatal checkup. There are a variety of reasons for the wait. If you have an episiotomy, for example, it may require stitches. Having sex could reopen the tear and pull out the stitches. The same danger can occur if you have a vaginal or rectal tear or laceration, as well. In addition, many women find that they have a reduced sex drive after delivery. Some women complain of pain during intercourse, even long after delivery. More common is the fear of pain that a woman may have after delivery. The use of lubricants and the woman-on-top positioning may make a woman more comfortable, and allow her to take more care with areas that may still be sensitive.

Becoming pregnant within the first couple of months after giving birth is not generally recommended. HOwever, if it happens,
there is no guarantee that there will be any problems, either; it just means that there are things that you and your health care provider need to be aware of so that you can have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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