Is It Possible to Get Pregnant After a Hysterectomy?

Because there are several different ways to do a hysterectomy you may be able to get pregnant afterward. If you have a complete hysterectomy for some reason you obviously cannot get pregnant because you do not have ovaries to release eggs. If you have a partial hysterectomy and your ovaries are left, which they usually are in modern hysterectomies, you could possibly get pregnant. Every hysterectomy is a bit different, so to is each person’s definition of what is a hysterectomy may be. If you still have the female reproductive organs to produce eggs and carry a child to term you may just have a baby in your future, no matter how slim the possibility.

Pregnancy occurs when an egg is released from an ovary and is fertilized by sperm. The egg will then implant in the lining of the uterus and continue to develop into a fully formed fetus. In women that have had a hysterectomy they can still get pregnant, but whether the pregnancy will be viable will depend on if there is a uterus and what damage may have been done to in the process of removing other parts of the female reproductive organs. Some women experience scarring of other organs when a partial hysterectomy is performed which can further impair chances to become pregnant.

Doctors ordinarily tell their patients that if they do not have a uterus they cannot get pregnant but there is some literature to suggest that this may not be true. Every now and then a woman who has had her uterus removed will ovulate and there will be sperm available to fertilize the egg. Usually the egg is simply absorbed by the body but there is evidence to suggest in very rare cases that a fetus can continue develop attached to a fallopian tube or even the inside of the abdominal wall. For obvious reasons this is not a viable pregnancy, mostly because the area will not allow for the growth of the child and there is no source of nourishment. A lot of the time women will not even realize that there was a fertilized egg because it dies before it grows enough to be noticed.

In the end, the answer to whether or not you can become pregnant after a hysterectomy depends on your definition of pregnancy. Women who have had just an ovary or fallopian tube removed can still get pregnant but women without a uterus cannot carry a child to term and usually they are not even aware if an egg has been fertilized by some off chance. The body works in mysterious ways, but when you remove the uterus from the woman you are removing her capability to carry a healthy fetus to term.

  • Gazi saiful islam

    So nice, I’m happy having this article. It will helpful in my practice life and the women they who want to be mother without one uterine tube. thanks

    • jen

      I had a total hysterectomy is possible for me to get pregnant still even tho I have no uterus and no cervix

      • I’m not a doctor, but I would think not. Did they remove your ovaries too with the hysterectomy? To double check, you might just want to ask your doctor to be totally certain. If you were to get pregnant without a uterus, it would be a very dangerous situation.

        • jen

          They only took out out my uterus and cervix n left my both of my overies

          • Lisa Goodman

            Hi Jen, I’m actually dealing with a similar situation I know I’ve had a partial hysterectomy because I still have my ovaries but I didn’t know or don’t know if my uterus had been removed. I have had two full term pregnancies in the past but I’m experiencing similar symptoms to discovering I was pregnant before, I’m concerned because I’m pretty sure if I did conceive the pregnancy wouldn’t survive full term. -Confused in Maryland!

          • patricia hughes

            I had a patrical hysterectomy a 2004 or so but I don’t have a uterus but I do have my one tube and my overies as far as I know but I have heart burn the last coulpe of days but I don’t know what to do im scared should I go get checked or not or im just over reacting something from spncer

        • Chanela

          if my boyfriend leaked sperm in me can I be pregnant if I got in the tub afterwards?

      • Cristie Reynolds

        They are telling me I’m pregant

        • Vee Vee

          Do they think you’ll make it to term?
          I hope I get as lucky as you are. I’d love to have a baby. Even if it’s just one. I’ll be happy. God bless you.

        • Franchesca Johnson

          How is everything going sweetheart?

        • Letonya Hall

          Did the baby make it?

  • Jessica

    I had a total hysterectomy back at 2011 and this is 2015 for some odd reason I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive now I have to see an OBGYN because my pregnancy test came back positive how could this happen

    • Darlene Turner

      idk but this was 3 months ago, are you pregnant?

    • Kerrie Tisdell

      I hasd subtotal back in 2003 I’ve been having signs im pregnant belly swollen hard toilet all time tired mood swings eating loads more breasts bigger heartburn but have had 3 tests come back neg can i be pregnant

      • Chelsie E Henson

        i had a partial hystorectomy in sept of last year and i think i might be pregnant all i have left are my overys im scaird wht do i do

    • Franchesca Johnson

      I just read your post and wanted to know if you were pregnant?

    • Curretha Wright

      How did the pregnancy go

  • tera g

    hello I had a hysterectomy 4 months ago they took out my uterus one ovary and fallopian tube I still have my cervix and one ovary and fallopian tube can I still get pregnant

    • Without a uterus, you will not be able to get pregnant.

      • Michael Pirnie

        Not true my wife is pregnant and has no uterus

        • Junine Aeschbacher

          Does she have her cervix?

        • Nichole Leete

          How’s the pregnancy goin, Is she doin ok? I’ve heard of non uterus pregnancies but the women had to have emergency c-section.

          • Cristie Reynolds

            I have had complete hysterectomy and drs are telling me I’m pregant can I carry the baby full term I’m still in shock

          • rosemary

            are you really pregnant? how does that happen with no uterus or ovaries? are you ok? can you carry the baby? Im very curious since i had a total hysterectomy as well but would love another baby and have been having weird symptoms lately

          • jessica werkheiser

            so what happened? hows the baby??

          • Christine Hagen Carver

            How are things going with your possible pregnancy?

        • Jade Webber

          Please tell me how I’ve had total hysterectomy with conservation of my ovaries and there’s nothing more than wanting to give my current partner a baby of our own

          • Cristie Reynolds

            I had a full hysterectomy and the drs are saying I’m pregant I have no uterus tubes or ovaries

          • Franchesca Johnson

            Hi my name is Franchesca and i had a total hysterectomy 2 years ago and I think I am pregnant are you ppregnant really would like to know and if so are you able to carry it?

          • Hrnakshi Joashi


        • Ebony Anderson

          Please tell me how?

        • Cristie Reynolds

          Did your wife carry the baby???

        • Saror Dooshima Stella

          how is that possible, please i need to know.

        • jessica werkheiser

          did the baby make it???

        • amy smith

          I want to have a child how is your wife or was your wife pregnant I was told I could never carry a child with no uterus


        Hey I have some other issue please help me. I just get operated due to intestines problems. And its very large operation . Can I carry a baby? Please help

  • Dana Hughes

    I had a hysterectomy in September of last year they left my overies is there any way I could get pregnant? Sometimes I look 3 mths.. And I crave odd foods as well afraid to take a test. Really don’t want another baby.

    • Marie Pritchett

      If you are my husband and I would love to have your baby

  • Chrissy Compton

    Hi I had a hysterectomy back in 2012 and it was because of precancerous cells of the cervix, it was diagnosed as carcinoma stages 1 and two, my question is, could I possibly be pregnant after just having my ovaries and nothing else? The surgeon removed the uterus, the cervix and the tubes because of the risk of the cancer spreading to other organs, I have been feeling strange lately but was told there was no way for pregnancy to occur without a uterus, is this true?? Plz help I am only 30 yrs old 🙁

  • Tasha Harrison

    I had a hysterectomy 6 years ago I only know that I have my tubes left but I look and feel very pregnant

  • Jozelynn

    I had a history like to me And I want more kids but can’t care them.. Is there any way to get my uterus back or no?

  • Charli Jarrett

    I’m freaking out I had a parietal last year and I’m going through all the symptoms of pregnancy. My mother is the one that pointed it out to me and last 3 times she did that I was. Is it possible?

  • Pearl

    I did partial hesterectomy my ovaries are there, but I don’t get my periods, now I’m married I do wanna have a baby is it possible to get pregnant? Please help

  • becky

    Doctor said it is possible to get pregnant i have no cervix or uterus and they said they have to do a test cause i can still get pregnant i was in shock so yes you can out of a ten percent believe it and this was last month that was told to me

    • Pearl

      Really so do you think one must just do some tests Becky?

      • Becky

        What do you mean

      • Becky

        I would think it would be hard to get pregnant after getting your tubes tied and having sagery to get your stuff out and she don’t know what she has in there she say that she still have her stuff but when she got it done she said they take everything out and she don’t have no periods

    • Junine Aeschbacher

      I have the same thing I’m trying to find out cause me an my husband want a baby so bad

      • Chelsea Scott

        Me and my fiance want a baby, I had a partial hysterectomy and I was wandering same thing you was wandering

        • Junine Aeschbacher

          I saw my doctor last month he told me no but others said I could but I don’t see how I could without having a period

    • Becky

      Ok thank you

  • Trac Green

    I had a hesterectomy 12 years ago I think my womb was took I was bleeding none stop
    Can I get pregnant??

  • Amanda Lopez

    Im 30years old my name is amanda meza lopez n im asking iv had a hysterectomy in march 24,2010 due alot of scar tissue that was causing me to be on my period for like a few months n had cervical cancer n now its been almost 6years since i had that surgery done they took out my right ovrie n every since i dnt have no periods so i only have my left ovrie n every since my boobs have been real tender n sore n having ugly cramps like im going into labor..
    my question is it possible for me to come out pregnant in the future..

    • Carmen Candelario

      Hi I had a partial the Doctor told me no I can’t get pregnant 14 years later I have lost 2 so yes it is possible and my best friend’s father is a child that his mother was like us of course was in another country but she was stuck in bed till she gave birth and now he’s a grandfather eat as organic as you can I got pregnant when I turned to eating veggies like crazy and cut down on meat a lot and women have carried babies to full term attached to the abdominal wall I just believe that we need to be way more careful than other women and have faith as well I didn’t want to believe I was the first time after my surgery till the baby came out while I was using the restroom hope this helps and God Bless

      • Brandy Jo Bowles

        I really would like another child; I only have my right ovary and fallopian tube. Every month I go through PMS symptoms. Its been happening for 8 years. I even still lactate. Doctors have no explanation of why. My youngest is almost 13.

  • patricia hughes

    yes im 39 years old partical hysterectomy done back I 2003-2004 somewhere between there I don’t have a uters but I have a tubes and my ovries as far as I know I don’t any periods t all anymore but I was wondering if I could still get pregnant or be able t have a baby im just kindof wondering is all im gaing weigh and I have heart burn n the last couple days like crazy nothing seems to help im scared and confused should I go get a test done to see if I am or not or is there no way possible to be I just need some advice is all any help would really help me at this rate.

    • It is unlikely, but in rare occasions it could be possible to get pregnant if you are still ovulating as you have your ovaries still. Did you take a pregnancy test to see? You can always call your doctor and discuss your concerns with them.

      • patricia hughes

        no I didn’t take one I was I just wondering was all some people told me I could and others told me no why cause there was no way possible but I still have all my other stuff but my uters I just found out just a couple of days that’s thanks for the advice I might wait and see and but I have had a lot of werid things going on with me like the weigh gaing food craving boobs hurting tender but I don’t have a cycle anymore so I didn’t think there could be possible is all think for all your help

    • Kyona Young

      You still have periods with a partial hysterectomy you just bleed internally is how my doctor explained it to me, but no you can get pregnant but there has been cases with women with a uterus to get pregnant outside of their uterus where the baby attaches to the large insistent what is rare to get pregnant that way. God is a miracle worker

  • Junine Aeschbacher

    Hi I had A partial hysterectomy or year ago today I have both my tubes no cervix node uterus is there anyway that I can get pregnant without that or is there some kind of procedure the doctor can do to pack me????

    • Becky

      Have you ever try to have someone Carrie your baby for you if something happens that you can’t have a baby

  • Chelsea Scott

    I’ve had a partial hysterectomy,they took my uterus and cervix and left my ovaries and I was wandering can I get pregnant, lately I’ve been feeling sick, breasts or bigger and fuller than usual, lower back pains, I’m experiencing symptoms of pregnancy could I be pregnant?

  • Kyona Young

    This is what most doctors say. “Unfortunately, there’s no way for you to become pregnant after having a tubal ligation and partial hysterectomy. In order for you to carry a pregnancy, you must have fallopian tubes as a place for conception and a uterus for implantation of the fertilized egg.”

    • Becky

      That’s what I told her you have to have a period to lose your old eggs and get new ones and stuff

  • Amanda Jackson

    I have had a whole hysta. Done but I’m wanting another baby doctors told me they removed everything. Is there ne way that I can still have babies. It was not my choice to have it done I wanted more kids

  • Dee Kala

    I’ve had whole hysterectomy due to eptopic pregnancy, doctors say they removed both my ovaries is there any chance of me getting pregnant again. I would love to have a baby…

  • jehan muhammad

    hi doctor how r u i hope u well be good

    Actually my wife had pregnency but the baby was conceived in the tube the dr thought that it is some kind of pimple but later on it was discovered as pregenency. an operation was caried out to remove the baby. now she is having her normal menstruation periods. dr has told her leff ovary is lose and her right ovary is working fine. now Please guide me is possible that she would be able to have a baby while having only one ovary functional.

  • Denise Smith

    i had an hysterectomy all i have is my ovaries could i get pregnant

  • Cristie Reynolds

    Hi my name is Cristie Reynolds I have had a full blown hysterectomy the drs are telling me I’m pregant is there anyway I could have the baby has anyone has a baby like my situation

    • Cheyenne

      My name is Linda, I have had my tubes tied and then had to have a partial hysterectomy they took everything but my right ovary that was in 2005. For the past couple of weeks at the same time everyday I get really nauseous and my appetite is awful I take a couple of bites and just throw up. If this is possible will a home pregnancy test do?

  • Vee Vee

    I’m 21.
    And I had a partial hysterectomy.
    I lost my daughter in the process. The doctors did they best they could :/
    Id love to have another chance to have a child.
    I have both ovaries and everything except a cervix and a uterus. 🙁
    Just one baby .. Is all I’m asking. Please. There has to be a way. A hear all these success stories. But I have also heard. Horror stories.
    I’m just hoping. I can get pregnant. Have a child. And live happily ever after. It would seriously mean the world to me.

  • Becky

    Hi my name is Becky my sister in law had a her tubes tide and she have a half hysterectomy done and she don’t have no periods can she get pregnant because she thinks she can I just want to know because every guy she gets with she tells she can get pregnant and stuff and I think that is wrong to do

  • Teanna Hayes

    Hi I’m 31 and my doctor wants me to get a ultrasound done just because my right ovaries is much larger den the other one yes I have had a hysterectomy and they left my tubes and ovaries can this be dangerous

  • Franchesca Johnson

    Hi my name is Franchesca and i had a total hysterectomy 2 years ago and I think I am pregnant has anyone found out they where pregnant after a total hysterectomy and if so where you able to carry it to full term?

  • Jeanette Lockett

    I want to get pregnant , but I had to have a radical hysterectomy due to cancer in the uterus . Now I am cancer free my husband and I really want to conceive our twins .

  • Ms Johnson

    I thought after having a hysterectomy there was no chance of me being able to have another child until I met a lady on my vacation who had a hysterectomy and had gotten pregnant and that child is now seven years old and she said her daughter okay that’s why I started looking online to see if there was a possibility and there so now I know it’s up to God if I would ever have another child that made me feel better.

    • Sita dhadwal

      I am 38 had a hysterectomy but got ovaries in 2011 want to get pregnant before I had a hysterectomy I had clips can someone tell me

  • Bob De Soto

    P. Jackson,
    I. W. Barrowclough,
    J. T. France,
    L. I. Phillips
    First published: May 1980

  • Andrez Ronald Valdez

    is the sperm of a male right after releases outside of a womans body and secretly kept inside of a womans vagina , is there any possibility to get a woman’s pragnant? pLease help

  • Jj

    Is it possible to have children after having a partial hysterectomy And tubes being cut burnt and tied?

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