Is it Possible to get Pregnant after Menopause?

After menopause many women worry that they can still get pregnant, which is a natural concern after a life of needing to worry about protecting oneself from an unwanted pregnancy. If your doctor has confirmed that you have gone through menopause it is impossible for you to become pregnant. The reason for this is that there are not any eggs left for your ovaries to release. If there are no eggs left in your body there is nothing left to become fertilized and grow into a baby.

While you cannot get pregnant if menopause is complete you can get pregnant when you are going through peri-menopause. The reason for this is that you are still ovulating on and off and if there is sperm present when you happen to ovulate it could turn into a viable fetus. During this time the likelihood of pregnancy is hit or miss, so if you do not want to become pregnant you should continue to use protection until your doctor can confirm that you have completed menopause. Remember that if you are trying to become pregnant during this time it might be hard as the eggs are quite old and a viable pregnancy may be hard to come by especially because you never know when you will ovulate or not.

If you have gone through menopause and your doctor has confirmed that you will not ovulate again there is no reason to worry about becoming pregnant. With a doctors confirmation you can begin to enjoy your sex life without the worry that you’ll have to deal with an unplanned pregnancy, though you should still practice safe sex as menopause is not a guard against sexually transmitted diseases. Menopause is a clear sign that you do not have to purchase a pregnancy test every time you feel just a bit off because there is no possible way for that to be an explanation for the way you are feeling. For most women, this is a welcome period of their life, and not having to worry about pregnancy is a relief!

There are a lot of rumors, old wives tales, and urban legends that talk of women getting pregnant after they have gone through menopause. In fact, if you search hard enough you’ll find stories that have women as old as 90 getting pregnant. These stories are highly unlikely, and if they did happen by some odd circumstance, that proves that these women had not completed menopause because if they had they wouldn’t have eggs to be fertilized! As long as you remember that you cannot get pregnant without eggs you won’t have any nagging doubts about whether you could become pregnant now that you have completed the menopause experience.

  • Sarlena Sarlena

    Can you become pregnant after a fallopian tube has been removed and your tubes has been tied

    • If your tubes are tied, you shouldn’t be able to get pregnant. Having said that, it your doctor didn’t do a good job with the procedure, there is a chance that pregnancy could occur.

    • inti

      I know of women getting pregnant post tubal-ligation y also knows that at times the tubal ligation can be reversed.
      It might be because of poor tubal ligation techniques with the help of the
      body trying to get rid of what does not belong to it. As an RN I suggest that
      you should not be asking to the general public about your delicate health
      issues, go to your family physician and ask for a referral to see an expert in
      the field who can teach you with expertise all about your health problems and
      guide you. It is a serious issue and as such you should be guided by medical
      Drs… I was pregnant once, and prior getting pregnant, during pregnancy
      and post pregnancy I always had experts taking care of me and as such I never
      had any health problems and my child was a very healthy, bright child who never
      cried and slept the whole night.

      I wish you all the best. Good luck.

  • Suzann Ealtieri

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  • Reda Marie Hasenhüttl

    hi. i got menopause at the age of 35 and had a child at 37 thru IVF but yesterday i went to the hospital thinking i was sich but doctors told me i am Pregnant. is that even posssible. until now i dnt believe. i have a check up on monday again.

    • If you are pregnant, then it would appear that you weren’t fully in menopause.

  • LadyRealityCheck

    Not true that its a wives tale…i met a woman that got pregnant at 57 … years after menopause completion. Confirmed by two gyns with ultrasound and blood tests. She had an abortion due to health issues and possibility that a pregnancy could kill her. She went through the humiliation and emotional turmoil of having to argue with pro-lifers parked outside the clinic and blocking her path the day she went to get the abortion. To top it all off she almost lost her job when her employer found out about the pregnancy as word got around her work center when she tearfully confided in a coworker. Her husband who was in his 60s was horrified and struggled with the thought of her getting an abortion since he had always been pro-life. A week after the abortion she promptly visited a lawyer and sued both gyns who told her it was impossible for her to get pregnant. Also met two others in their early 50s who got pregnant and subsequently miscarried. Both those women were told they had a better chance of winning a billion dollars in the lottery Than getting pregnant.

    • Sheryl Tripp

      can you get pregnant after menopause AND tubes time 40 years prior.

      • Laurie Evan

        no you cant – if you did not have a period for over 4 years you are post menopaused and cannot get pregnant

    • daisy chain

      Why did she almost lose her job when confiding in a co-worker that she was pregnant? Many pregnant women work until the last minute.

  • Tanasea

    I am 53 and had a hysterectomy but still have Ovaries, I am also Menopausal. Is it possible that I could still have viable eggs? Can they be extracted?

    • redshift

      If the ovaries are intact and healthy and functioning then why not since the tubes only carry the eggs.

  • disqus_QqBtTQau2f

    I am 51 and I had not had a period for 1yr. back in July 2014.

    However, approx. 6 months later Jan. 2015, I had a period. My Dr. said it was my Fibroids and I had Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) in March 2015, then in April & May 2015 I had full 1 week of spotting. Then in Aug. 2015 I spoted again. Then 12/28/15 I got a UTI, and began spotting 1 day later, and I’m still spotting. Most of my spotting has been light, but last the same length as my periods 5-7 days. My FSH levels have come back high and in the postmenopausal range, & Ive had hot flashes. My Dr. did a Hysterscope when I first bled and it was negative. She doesn’t seem to Worry about my bleeding. I have a few Questions I was hoping someone could address with more clarification:

    Could my FSH and Hysterscope be false negatives?
    [My Dr. has checked me out and does not seem worried.However, she can’t say why or where my bleeding is coming from. ]

    Also, what could be causing the bleeding?

    Can I still get pregnant? (My Dr. said it’s highly unlikely)

    Could I still be ovulating with a high FSH and after no period for over 1 yr?

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

    Thank you in advance for any insights to what I am experiencing.

    • vicky foster

      ive not seem my period for two years in june of this year i had a normal period in july i start feeling sick and putting on weight around my waist did a pregnancy test 7 test and i came back well saying im pregnant im 45 years old

  • Laurie Evan

    at 59 and not having a period for 4 years i cannot get pregnant as i am postmenopaused this is what i was told by my doctor is this right

  • lile mod

    hello i’m in menopouse from one year and half > i;m using macca to get pregnant from 3 months. i don’t now if I can get . but I’m asking is it possible?

    • If you are really in menopause, you won’t be able to get pregnant. Has a doctor said you are in menopause or are you just not experiencing periods?

      • lile mod

        Yes doctor said that

        • If you are in menopause, you will not be able to get pregnant no matter what supplement you take.

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