I had a very light period. Is it possible that I am pregnant?

A light, short period can be an early indicator of pregnancy.  However, if you are taking birth control pills, it is typically counted as a missed period if you have no bleeding at all. A light or very light period is still a period on the pills. Rarely, a very light period can be associated with a pregnancy if you missed more than one or two pills in a month.

If you suspect you may be pregnant, there are other signs to check for, including: 

–  swelling, tenderness, or tingling in the breasts

–  the need to urinate more frequently

–  fatigue

–  nausea or vomiting

–  abdominal cramping

–  changes in appetite

–  changes in digestion

–  changes in mood

If you are pregnant, you will typically see more than one of these symptoms.  A light period one month combined with several of these symptoms may indicate pregnancy.  A light period one month with none of these symptoms probably does not.

  • Lasya Inaya Aahana Beierle

    i’m trying to have a baby with my husband of 25 years. He proposed to have another child a few weeks ago and although haven’t given it much thought till late’y, i was flattered! He still want’s more children with me, after six successful lovely children, all of who are mid adults now except for our baby girl, whom is seventeen now, gonna be eighteen in March. Then we have our beautiful god sent grandkids, four going on five, but its rare we get to see them. Which brought us to the conclusion of having another baby. We want this more than anything in this world, it’s out first priority, or so we made it!
    Problem is, i had a tubal ligation i was stupid, naive, and did not think things thoroughly back then i was young, and it was my sixth childbirth at that time. I kept popping them out one by one all too soon, so we thought it was the right alternative at that time. Can i still become pregnant, anyone know what procedure was used in 1999 after childbirth? anyone know if there are under the table doctors to perform tubal reversals for a fraction of the cost? Were desperate here, someone out there please help us to achieve our miracle.

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