Could my tipped uterus decrease my chance of getting pregnant?


A tipped uterus is a fairly common condition, present in about 15% of women.  Usually, the top of the uterus is bent at a right angle to the cervix.  When the top of the uterus is tipped over the cervix or behind the cervix, it is referred to as a tipped uterus.

A tipped uterus can have several symptoms:

–  Pain during sexual intercourse. This happens when the penis hits the cervix or uterus during sex.

–  Pelvic pain during menstruation or ovulation.

–  Back pain during menstruation.

–  Minor incontinence.

–  Urinary tract infections.

–  Difficulty using tampons.

The biggest problem with a tipped uterus and fertility is that a tipped uterus can make sexual intercourse very painful and difficult.  If a doctor determines that it is causing a problem for you when trying to conceive, the uterus can be tipped into its correct position.  Straightening out the uterus can often enable a woman to become pregnant, if that was the reason for the failure to conceive.

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