What is a VBAC and when is it safe to try it?

VBAC refers to "Vagina Birth After Cesarean."  This term reflects the fact that as many as 80% of women who have had a cesarean section birth may be able to have a vaginal birth in a subsequent pregnancy.  There are many advantages to attempting a vaginal birth:

–  Fewer maternal complications, such as infection, blood loss and bowel injury

–  Fewer surgery-related injuries to the baby, such as lacerations and broken bones

–  Fewer risks associated with anesthesia

–  Reduction in the cases of hypertension

–  Quicker recovery time

The most important criteria to decide if you are a candidate for a VBAC is your own willingness to have a vaginal birth.  There are a few medical factors as well:

–  You should have a lower segment incision on the uterus (your physician can tell you if this is the case.) 

–  Whatever factor led to the first c-section must have been eliminated.

–  You should have a clinically adequate pelvis;  this means that your pelvic bones cannot be too close together.

–  Other factors, such as multiple previous cesareans, breech presentation or multiple gestation are factors that you and your physician should consider.

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