Prenatal Test – Glucose Tolerance Test

Prenatal Test – Glucose Tolerance Test

Glucose Tolerance testing is usually done between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy if you have had a glucose screening done that shows an elevated level of blood glucose.  Elevated levels of blood sugar during a tolerance test could indicate that you have gestational diabetes, one of the most common pregnancy complications.

The Glucose Tolerance and Glucose Screening tests are different.  Most women’s doctors will ask that you have a screening done.  If the screening indicates an elevated level of blood glucose then you would need to have the Glucose Tolerance testing done.

The Glucose Tolerance test includes fasting overnight and drinking a syrupy (usually orange juice type) beverage.  Three blood samples will then be taken over the course of about 3 hours.  You’ll want to bring something to read or do while you wait.  Also, you may want to bring something to eat immediately after the test, as you’ll probably be hungry. 

If two or more of your blood samples show an elevated level of blood glucose you’ll be diagnosed with gestational diabetes and have to develop a treatment plan with your doctor or midwife.  If you have one abnormal reading your doctor may have you adjust your diet and exercise habits and you may have to have another test later in your pregnancy.




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