Your Sex Life and Your Pregnancy

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For many couples who have spent months or even years trying to get pregnant, finally conceiving can feel a little bit like the end game. One of the downfalls of trying to get pregnant is that you run the risk of sex becoming a bit of a chore. If it does, it’s easy for one or both partners to back off from your sex life once the deed is done and the bun is in the oven.

Don’t let that be you.

Sex during pregnancy can be some of the most pleasurable sex you’ll ever share. There’s no pressure to become pregnant. There’s no fear of becoming pregnant. That ship has already sailed.

Mother Nature lends a helping hand

There are a number of factors that make pregnancy sex some of the most satisfying sex you’ll ever experience together. Two of the main ones are:

  • A natural attraction to one another while you’re carrying his baby. Believe it or not, this is especially true once you begin to show. Studies show that three out of four men find their mates more attractive when she’s carrying their baby.
  • Really good orgasms are easier to achieve. Nothing turns a guy on more than knowing that he turns you on. Pregnant women may find it easier to reach orgasm, especially during the second trimester.

Enjoy your opportunities at intimacy while you have them

Sex during pregnancy is all about the two of you. This is the time to really enjoy one another, to become truly intimate. Enjoy these last few months before you have a baby (or another baby) in the house. Trust us, the time will come when your little bundle of joy will have you so worn out you don’t want to do anything in bed but sleep.

Don’t worry about the safety of the baby. Your baby is safe and snug, fully protected. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, you’re free to enjoy sex right up until the time the baby comes. As a matter of fact, it has been suggested that having sex can actually help overdue babies make their entrance.

Different couples have different experiences. Some enjoy sex more, some less. Most couples, however, are able to maintain a healthy sex life during pregnancy. How about you? How has pregnancy affected your sex life?




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