Why He Wants to Have Sex when You’re Pregnant

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If you’ve been pregnant for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that it’s had an impact on your partner’s libido. The fact is that many men see an increase in sexual desire when their partner is pregnant. While it’s not true of every man, it’s much more common than you might realize.

Virility and sex drive

Part of the reason that men see an uptick in desire to be with you during pregnancy is that your pregnancy confirms his virility. While we’ve advanced to the point as a society where we recognize that virility doesn’t increase or lessen your value as a person, there’s something basic and evolutionary about being able to conceive a child that takes over.

And, after all, that’s what we’re talking about in part – a basic, innate function of nature.

That may not be the only reason, however.

New curves, new areas to explore

When you’re pregnant, your body changes. Sure, you might feel like you’re the size of a house, but your partner probably doesn’t see it that way. In fact, he’s probably focused in on the growing area of your body that’s most attractive to him – your growing breasts. In our culture that’s sometimes obsessed with being too thin, men often are surprised just how attractive a woman with curves – even curves due to pregnancy – can be.

Sexual freedom

Let’s face it: for some men, birth control is a real turn-off. The prospect of accidentally making you pregnant is gone, obviously. He can be free to be intimate with you without worrying about unintended consequences. For many men, not having to worry about a condom or wonder if you took your pill can be liberating.


Your body chemistry is changing dramatically, and it’s sending out all sorts of signals. In particular, it’s sending signals to the man whose baby you’re carrying that it’s time to buckle down, work together, and create a family.

So, what about you? Did your partner have increased sex drive during pregnancy?


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