When Will I Start to Show?

Creative Commons License photo credit: glow mama

If you listen to some folks, the day you become pregnant you start to glow. Other folks will be able to take one look at you and say, “yep, she’s pregnant.” Then again, it might just be the constant alternating looks of excitement and fear that keep going across your face after you find out you’re pregnant.

Beyond the pregnancy “glow,” however, most folks won’t be able to tell you’re pregnant until you start to show. Exactly when you start to show will vary from one woman to the next. In fact, it can vary quite a bit. It can even vary for the same woman between two different pregnancies.

There are a number of factors that go into determining when people will be able to tell you’re pregnant. Your overall build or shape plays an important part. The speed at which you gain weight will affect things, too. The position of your baby has a lot to do with whether you’re showing, as well.

Most women start to show at some point during their second trimester. Around two thirds of women say that they start showing somewhere between the 12th and 24th weeks of pregnancy. Of those, over 60 percent said they started to show in the first half of the second trimester.

For some reason, women in one study reported that they started to show sooner during subsequent pregnancies. One theory suggests that this is purely psychological, and that they’re more aware of what to look for. Other experts suggest that the body is much more willing and ready to stretch the second (or third, or fourth) time around.

Chances are pretty good that about week 14 or 14 you’ll need to start wearing looser clothes. In the fourth and fifth months, you’ll probably make the switch to maternity clothes. Again, this depends a great deal on your frame.

Finally, you need to realize that, just because you can see yourself growing, doesn’t mean that everyone else can. It’s likely that it will be several weeks after you first see your baby bump before even your closest friends and family members begin to notice on their own.

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