Understanding Your Crazy Pregnant Dreams

As if pregnancy isn’t strange enough at times, many women find themselves plagued with the most bizarre and vivid dreams of their lives. Sigmund Freud believed that understanding dreams was integral to understanding a person’s subconscious; if that’s the case, pregnant women often have a lot in common with one another.

For example, it’s not terribly uncommon for a pregnant woman to dream she’s left her baby somewhere. It might be in the grocery store, on top of the car or in an airplane terminal. There are other common crazy pregnant dreams, as well. While we’re not convinced your dreams have as much meaning as Freud thought, here are some of the more common pregnancy dreams and what they might mean for you:

  • You forgot the baby. We’ve already hinted at this one. Dreaming that you’ve left your baby somewhere can be a signal that you’re worried about your own competence as a parent. Spend some time reviewing everything you know about parenting, and talk with your partner about your concerns.
  • Giving birth to critters. You might dream you’re in labor and out comes a puppy, a milk cow or even a one-eyed one-horned giant purple people eater. This just indicates you’re trying to get to know your baby. In some ways, it’s a form of prenatal bonding. And don’t worry – she might come out a little hairy or slightly purple, but within a few days she’ll look like a normal baby.
  • Your baby is a genius. Some moms-to-be dream that their baby is a star football player, concert pianist or movie star. You’re excited about your child, and you have high hopes for him. Don’t let those hopes turn into pressure and unnecessary expectations later on, however.
  • Nightmares. Nightmares are sometimes more common during pregnancy than other times of your life. They usually include falling, being unable to move, or being trapped. These are very common, and actually represent your real-world concerns about the labor, delivery and parenting process.

If you’re having disturbing dreams, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor. Working with a therapist might help to relieve some of the pregnancy anxiety and let you get a little bit better sleep at night.


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