Top 10 Items to Bring With You to the Delivery Room

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Congratulations! You’re about to have a baby. So do you know what to take to the hospital or birthing center?

Here are 10 items to make your stay as relatively pleasant as it can be:


The first thing you’ll do is write down what you absolutely need for your stay. Here are the items you can’t go without:

  1. Car Seat. First and foremost, you need to make sure you bring the newborn’s car seat. It’s against the law in many states for the hospital to discharge the baby without one.
  2. Important Paperwork. You are probably already pre-registered at the hospital, so bring your pre-registration papers. You’ll also need your insurance card and your photo ID.
  3. Clothing. Delivery is messy. Bring sleepwear you don’t care about getting ruined. You should also bring  socks, slippers or other footwear you can slip on and off. Hospital floors are exceptionally cold.
  4. Medication. Make sure you bring prescriptions or vitamins you may be taking.

Comfort Items

Next you’ll want to add items that increase your comfort level and help pass the time:

  1. Reading Materials. Just in case you have a longer wait than expected, you’ll want something to read. You never know how long labor will be, especially if it’s your first pregnancy.
  2. Snacks. Bring some snacks that are easy to access like cheese cracker packets. If your labor is longer than expected, you’ll get hungry in between meals. Make sure to follow the hospital or birth center’s policies, however.

Birth and Beyond

To round out your birthing list, you’ll need to pack a few things for the birth and your trip home:

  1. Camera and Camcorder. Your camera and camcorder batteries should be fully charged. Alternatively, you might use your cell phone for pictures and video. In either case you’ll want to have a charger.
  2. Your Baby Book. This is to register the baby’s footprint. Bring your own stamp pad with the baby book. Hospital ink may not work on everyday paper. Use these to stamp baby’s feet and hands into your baby book.
  3. Mother’s Homecoming Clothes. You’ll want to pack something comfortable and loose fitting, such as sweatpants. You won’t feel like wearing jeans for a few days.
  4. Baby’s First Outfit. Before you take your baby home the hospital photographer will take pictures of your newborn. You’ll want your little one to look great, so have a nice outfit packed.

As always, make sure you know the hospital or birthing center’s policies on what you can and can’t have in the delivery room.


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