Pregnant Thief Foiled

Lexington Kentucky - Keeneland Race Track
Creative Commons License photo credit: David Paul Ohmer

As any pregnant woman can tell you, there is an ever-growing list of things you aren’t supposed to do while pregnant. Some can be dangerous (such as high-impact sports). Other things on the list aren’t nearly as much of a real problem as they are a perceived problem (such as flying on a plane). Still, there is at least one thing that should be right out while pregnant: sneaking through heating ducts at a race track in order to steal money from the vault.

Yet, that’s exactly what one woman in Phoenix allegedly attempted to do recently.

About one hour before the Turf Paradise race track was to open, the woman and two accomplices snuck into the building. The two men hoisted the woman through a crawl space in the offices. The woman managed to crawl a total of about 50 feet. However, the ceiling tiles gave way in at least two separate spots.

During the caper, security officers at the track noticed the commotion. They immediately called police, who were on site within minutes and arrested the men.

The woman, however, didn’t seem to want to come down out of the ceiling. Officers talked with her for several minutes, during which the woman explained that she was five months pregnant and didn’t want to go to jail.

At one point, the woman claimed to believe that she was about to go into labor.

The woman was indeed taken to the hospital for examination. She and the baby were both in good health, and it’s likely that the woman will still be facing time in jail.

Management at the race track was skeptical. They indicated that it wasn’t likely that the trio actually knew where the money room would be located, given the fact that most of the employees at the track don’t even have that information.

Now, we know that pregnancy can make you do crazy things, but listen up, ladies: if you get the urge to rob a race track, find some way other than going in through ducts in a ceiling. Trust us. It won’t end well.


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