What Will You Miss when Pregnancy is Over?


There’s plenty about pregnancy that you’re sure not to miss. There is the morning sickness (which for most women passes by the end of the first trimester). There’s the fatigue, the constant need to pee, the aches and pains, the swollen legs and more.

Yet, pregnancy is also a time to savor certain things. There are many things that you do, experience and feel during pregnancy that you can’t at any other time in your life.

Pregnant Mom to be
Here are some of those joys of pregnancy that you should be sure to savor while you still have the chance:

  • Your body’s new shape. While there are times during pregnancy where you’ll probably be frustrated with your changing shape. At other times, however, it’s actually worth enjoying. Looking down at that baby bump and watching it grow is exciting. In some cases, your partner will enjoy that baby bump too, and it may increase his attraction to you – which in turn can help you feel even sexier.
  • Baby’s movements. Yes, at times those kicks and rolls can be uncomfortable. But feeling your baby move is also a constant reminder of the miracle that’s happening inside your body. You can sometimes even play with your baby a little bit. When she pokes an elbow or foot toward the edge of your belly, you can push back gently and she may even respond.
  • Courtesy. While a case can be made that chivalry is dead or dying, that’s not usually the case with a pregnant woman. People are often more considerate and courteous. You’re probably more likely to have people open doors, offer to carry your groceries and even give up their seat while waiting at a restaurant when you’re pregnant. In some ways, it’s almost like royal treatment.

Pregnancy has its downsides, but it has its upsides too, not the least of which is that new baby that’s coming into your life.

So, what do you think? What will you miss about your pregnancy when it’s all over? What pregnancy memories will be the fondest for you?
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