Pregnancy Apps More Popular than Exercise Apps

Being pregnant today is much different than it was decades ago. Back then, if you wanted solid information about your pregnancy, maintaining health, potential problems and even symptoms of pregnancy, you had to rely solely on your doctor (or perhaps the rare book aimed at pregnant women).

Things are much different now. We get our information at the touch of a button, and we have almost the entirety of human knowledge within our reach via our smartphones. Pregnancy is no different from anything else in this regard; there are plenty of pregnancy apps you can use to track your pregnancy, look up information and even just chat with other pregnant women.

pregnancyappAccording to some recent data, pregnancy apps may even be more popular than exercise apps.

The study looked at data use from health-related smartphone apps. What they found was that, while personal fitness apps may be downloaded more often than pregnancy apps, but pregnancy apps get more use over time.

In some ways, this makes sense. Many folks decide to start a weight loss program or new exercise routine, and use a smartphone exercise app to help them out. After a while, they either drop the program or the exercise routine becomes so familiar that they don’t need it anymore.

Contrast that to pregnancy. Pregnancy lasts for nine months (barring any misfortune, of course). During that time, your body is changing in ways that you probably never even imagined. Having constant access to new information about your pregnancy as well as pregnancy-related tools isn’t likely to stop after the first trimester. You’re likely to use the app all through pregnancy.

To be sure, the study showed that smartphone apps for pregnancy didn’t generate the same kind of volume of data that exercise apps generated. There are a number of possible explanations for this, including the widespread use of video instructions in exercise and personal fitness apps.

So, what about you? Are you currently using any apps for your pregnancy? Do you use them to get information, track your pregnancy, network with other pregnant women or something else?


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