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What You Should Know about Home Births and Midwives

  A home birth can be a wonderful experience for you, your partner and your baby. While a home birth might seem a little bit out of place in the modern West, it’s important to remember: for the vast majority of human history, home births were the norm. One of the most important components of

A Victory for Working Pregnant Women

  We hear all too often about the discrimination that pregnant women can face in the workforce. In fact, we’ve highlighted many of those stories right here on this blog. Most of them end up in a lawsuit, with the pregnant woman having to fight for her rights, and still wind up without a job

Pregnancy and Drug Safety

At some point during your pregnancy you’ll find you need to take some sort of medicine. Yet even though you might have your doctor’s blessing for some, there is precious little information regarding drugs. The information that can be found is often difficult to come by without extensive research. With your unborn baby’s life on

Top 10 Items to Bring With You to the Delivery Room

  Congratulations! You’re about to have a baby. So do you know what to take to the hospital or birthing center? Here are 10 items to make your stay as relatively pleasant as it can be: Necessities The first thing you’ll do is write down what you absolutely need for your stay. Here are the

Teen Pregnancy Rates are Falling (But I Bet You Didn’t Know It!)

Turn your TV on to the latest reality shows listings and you’ll find plenty of examples of teen pregnancies. Teen pregnancy has been a growing public concern for several decades now. The only problem is that, whether or not you realize it, teen pregnancy rates are actually on the decline. According to the Washington Post,

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