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Body Image and Pregnancy

How a woman sees her body is an important part of her physical and psychological well-being. A healthy body image is especially important during pregnancy. It’s during that time that your baby is developing and growing, and when it’s essential that you get the right types and amounts of nutrients you need. In addition, the

Assessing the Risks in an Older Pregnancy

The latest trends show that couples are waiting longer to get married and even longer to start a family. Couples today are interested in becoming financially stable and for both the husband and the wife to be established in their careers before becoming pregnant. This means more babies are being born to older couples, and

Your Sex Drive during Pregnancy

While the fact of the matter is that every woman is different, many women will find that, during pregnancy, their sex drive changes. Some women find that they want to have sex less during pregnancy, while others have an increased desire to get it on. On average, however, a woman’s sex drive will go through

Guidelines on how to NOT Name Your Baby

So, you’re about to have a baby and haven’t yet chosen a name. This process can be relatively painless if you and your partner agree on a name quickly. Now, let’s say you’re unable to compromise and need to resort to online name generators, fictional characters or celebrities themselves. The name you choose is going

Pregnancy and Dental Care Difficulties

Pregnancy can do crazy things to your body. Many of the nutrients you rely on to help keep your body strong are being shared with your baby. That’s why pregnancy nutrition is so important: not only to keep your baby growing and healthy, but to keep you healthy, too. Many women find that they experience

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