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Healthy Pregnancy Lengths Surprisingly Vary

[Picture Credit:  Some rights reserved by]   The length of healthy pregnancies can change by five weeks, despite doctors accurately figuring the conception date, says a recent study. Though healthy pregnancy lengths vary, part of the discrepancy was believed to be because of errors in figuring the baby’s age, said researchers. The research accurately pinpoints conception

Fish Consumption During Pregnancy Isn’t Linked to Autism

As it turns out, children don’t display autism-like behaviors when the corresponding expecting mothers consume fish. The fear was that low levels of mercury that may be found in some fish was a cause of autism in unborn children. Scientists went through more than 30 years of examinations in the Republic of Seychelles, an island

Essential Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Every woman hopes that her pregnancy will be a happy and healthy one. Surprisingly, there are some basic steps that some women aren’t necessarily aware of that can dramatically increase the odds that the pregnancy will be both happy and healthy. While there are literally hundreds of pregnancy tips online and in various books, here

Drinking While Pregnant Still Questionable

Responsible or educated mothers-to-be would never drink alcohol while pregnant for fear of harming their unborn baby. The biggest problem is, research results about drinking while pregnant has never been clear. However, there are currently new studies that that may give definitive answers. Two new studies from Denmark and the U.K. could further confuse the issue. After researching children

Decrease Anxiety by Eating Fish

Picture Credit:  Some rights reserved by surlygirl   There’s lots of choices available to pregnant women when they eat for two. Which cheeses to avoid, whether alcohol is safe to drink, what supplements to take, and types of fish to shy away from. With all these choices with food alone, it’s no surprise that expecting mothers experience

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