Nine Baby Mom a Hoax

Why does she get Doritos and we don't?
Creative Commons License photo credit: Tammy McGary

With all of the press and attention given to “Octomom” a few years back, it’s no wonder that the media were all over the story of the woman in Mexico set to give birth to nine babies.

Karla Perez, of Villa de Arteaga, Mexico, claimed t have triplets in 2011, and that she was now pregnant with nine children.

This story brought the attention of health officials in Coahuila, the Mexican state in which Perez lives. Those officials investigated, and found that not only was the woman not pregnant, but she didn’t seem to actually have had any children last year.

Promises of donations

As is often the case, this scam artist was interested in trying to pocket some free money. According to reports, the mayor of Villa de Arteaga had promised to give the woman and her husband money to help with hospital fees, as well as the cost of incubator equipment that would be needed when the babies arrived.

The woman’s statements to reporters were ripe with pleas for financial help. For example, she talked about having “sleepless nights” thinking about how she was going to pay for everything, and about how she didn’t have insurance and her husband didn’t have a job.

History of nonuplets

Nonuplet pregnancies – a pregnancy with nine babies – have been extremely rare. There have been two known cases in modern times:

  • In 1971, an Australian woman gave birth to nonuplets. Four boys and five girls all died within hours of being born.
  • In March 1999, a woman in Malaysia gave birth to five boys and four girls. All died within six hours.

The octuplets (six boys and two girls) born to single mom Nadya Suleman in 2008 have proven to be the longest-living octuplets in history.

Even with IVF treatments, pregnancies with more than three viable embryos are tremendously rare.

So, what do you think about the hoax in Mexico? What do you think about these high-number multiple pregnancies? Generally speaking, doctors recommend removing some of the embryos in order to have a more viable pregnancy – what are your thoughts on that?

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