Making Pregnancy Sex Great Sex

Any woman who’s been through pregnancy knows that all of the hormonal changes going on can have your libido doing somersaults. Yet, for many couples, the idea of pregnancy sex can be a little bit daunting. There are fears, concerns and sometimes a general nervousness. Your body is changing; what’s more, there’s a little growing child inside of you that’s going to be in the room the whole time. Talk about awkward.

Still, pregnancy sex can be some of the best sex of your life. Here are some tips for turning those trepidations into stimulations:

  • Realize your body wants to do it. That extra estrogen is boosting blood flow to your pelvis, increasing your vaginal lubrication and making your breasts and nipples more sensitive. If ever there was a time for great sex, it’s now!
  • Understand that it’s safe sex. As long as your pregnancy is a healthy one, sex isn’t going to interfere. You might have some spotting or bleeding afterwards due to swelling and bursting of your cervical capillaries, but that’s normal. (All the same, mention any spotting to your health care provider). Your baby is plenty protected inside the amniotic fluid-filled sac.
  • It’s time to get switch positions. Missionary can be uncomfortable during pregnancy. Spooning, woman on top, kneeling up against the couch while he penetrates you from behind, and even a standing missionary with you at the edge of the bed can all be much more comfortable, and quite a nice change of pace for both of you.
  • Don’t forget the romance. You might not feel particularly romantic, but that’s no excuse not to light some candles and put on some soft music. Your partner might be a bit nervous about asking you to have sex during pregnancy, so take the initiative. This itself can be stimulating for both of you, if you’re not the one who normally initiates sex.

Sex is what got you pregnant in the first place, and you should be doing it as often as you like while you’re pregnant. Talk with your partner about pregnancy sex, and about ways you can make it the best sex ever.

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