Info for Dads: How Your Partner’s Body is Changing

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Pregnancy is a time of surprises, both for you and for your partner. Helping your partner understand the changes that your body is going through (and will be going through) can help both of you to stay close, and keeps the lines of communication open. It may also help him understand what you’re going through, and just why you feel the way you do.

So, partners, here are some of the changes you need to be aware of:

  • Hormonal changes. Your pregnant partner is going to have some serious hormonal changes over the next few months. During the first trimester, those changes are responsible for things like morning sickness. They may also account for mood swings, and later on even an increased sex drive.
  • Belly changes. Your partner’s baby bump will start with a small rise in the lower stomach. It will eventually look like a small melon in your partner’s belly. From there, it will completely dominate her lower abdomen. She’ll probably develop a linea nigra – a brown line down the middle of your partner’s belly – late in pregnancy.
  • Breast changes. Your partner’s breasts will probably swell, especially in later pregnancy. You may notice increase in size of the areola, as well as darkening in that area. Late in pregnancy, you may notice leaking breasts as her body gets ready for breastfeeding.
  • Increased bladder pressure. Your partner will probably have to pee – a lot. Between hormonal changes and the growing baby pushing on the bladder, she’ll probably have some potty emergencies.
  • Lower back pain. Lower back pain is especially common in late pregnancy as your partner’s center of gravity is changing.
  • Other changes. Some women experience other changes to the body during pregnancy. Some have stretch marks, hemorrhoids, and more. Talk with your partner about what she’s going through, and do what you can to help ease those aches and pains.

By knowing what’s coming, you can better support your partner. Pregnancy should be a wonderful experience for both of you, and understanding body changes can help make that possible.

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