Great Gifts for Expectant Mothers

Things have come a long way when it comes to gifts for expectant mothers. Technology has changed the face of gift-giving in many ways, Here is a range of gifts to keep in mind for the expectant mother in your life.


What new mother hasn’t had paranoid moments about the safety of her child? With a GPS Tracking system, the new mom can always know exactly where her baby is. It works quite easily. The device clips to the baby’s stroller, diaper bag, or even the clothing the child is wearing. You can use your iPhone, android, or computer to keep track of exactly where your child is at all times. It also helps to keep track of the diaper bag – which tends to get left behind at times. One of the best features is that as the child becomes a toddler and has play dates at the park, you can simply clip it to their collar or waist band for added security.

Newborn Baby Portraits

Newborn Baby Portraits (Photo credit: kristaguenin)


Any new mother will need a quality baby stroller. But please, use judgment. If the mother-to-be is not a jogger, she’s not likely to become one after the baby is born. If she is, though, a jogger stroller may be just the thing for her. She will be so glad to get back to her preferred method of staying in shape, because taking the baby with her will be no problem.

Don’t forget, too, that the new mother may not have very big desires in this area. A simple umbrella stroller may be more suitable, especially for shorter women who have a hard time hefting the bigger strollers into and out of the car.



A Pregnancy belt may be one of the best gifts for the expectant mom. These are designed to help redistribute the weight  of the pregnancy. The support for loosened ligaments can also reduce fatigue, as the mother-to-be receives relief from pressure in the pelvic, back, and hip areas. It is even said that a support belt can reduce the occurrence of varicose veins and stretch marks, since the entire weight of the pregnancy is no longer carried by the body itself.

Let’s not forget the personal touch. With all of the excitement of the baby’s arrival, it can be easy to forget about the mom’s comfort. Put together a basket with items that will make the mom more comfortable. Some may be a little personal, but the post-partum mom will be deeply appreciative.

First, the mom may get dry and thirsty during labor. Include her favorite chewing gum to help keep her mouth from drying out – she may not be allowed soda during labor, although it’s not a bad idea to include those, too. Include some chapstick, too. A long labor can be a “drying” experience, and chapstick can be a remarkable comfort to the mom in labor.

Now, this is getting kind of personal, but include a container of Tucks in the basket. The episiotomy may really bother her after all the excitement is over, and Tucks are great for providing some comfort to the post-partum mom. However, bubble bath is perhaps one of the worst items to place in the basket. She won’t be able to sit and soak in a tub for weeks after the birth, and even then, she’ll need to avoid any additives that might cause a urinary tract infection.


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