Have an Ectopic Pregnancy? Treatments May Help Fertility

an ectopic pregnancy can be an extremely frustrating condition. Ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg implants somewhere other than the woman’s uterus. The most common location for this to occur is in the fallopian tubes. An ectopic pregnancy will give a positive pregnancy test result, but it is physically impossible for it to end in a viable pregnancy.

The good news for women who have had an ectopic pregnancy, however, is that the treatments used for an ectopic pregnancy may actually help preserve your fertility going forward. According to a recent study about ectopic pregnancy treatments, all three of the major treatments used for an ectopic pregnancy can have a positive impact on your ability to conceive in the future.

There are essentially three ways that an ectopic pregnancy can be dealt with:

  1. Through the administration of a drug called methotrexate. This drug clears the ectopic pregnancy from the woman’s fallopian tubes.
  2. With a conservative surgical procedure which leaves the fallopian tube intact.
  3. With a more invasive surgical procedure that actually removes the fallopian tube as well as the ectopic pregnancy.

Often, the surgical options are combined with the use of methotrexate.

In a recent study, researchers looked at 406 women who experienced ectopic pregnancies. Of those, 298 tried to get pregnant again. The women were treated variously with the surgical options, or with the use of methotrexate, or a combination of surgery and use of the drug.

All of the women were again surveyed in two years. Here’s what the numbers showed:

  • 67% of the women who only use methotrexate became pregnant again.
  • 71% of the women who had methotrexate and the conservative surgical procedure became pregnant again.
  • 64% of the women who had radical surgery became pregnant again.

Of course, none of this means that having an ectopic pregnancy will guarantee that you can become pregnant again down the road. However, what it does suggest, is that if you do indeed wish to become pregnant after having had an ectopic pregnancy the odds are in your favor, regardless of which method was used to treat the ectopic pregnancy.


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