Changing Up Your Beauty Routine for Pregnancy – Part 2

Last time, we took a look at a few changes you can make to your beauty routine to make your pregnancy healthier and happier for both you and your baby. Today, we’ll look at some more ways you can change things up during pregnancy.

  • Discover new beauty techniques. For example, many pregnant women feel like their face is much fuller while pregnant. You can use one simple technique to make your face look slimmer. Highlight your cheekbones by using a darker shade of blush than what you would normally use. Apply it right under the cheekbone. Then, apply your normal lighter shade to the “apple” portion of your cheeks, and dust it along the cheekbones as well.

  • Talk to your stylist. You’ll want to let your stylist know you’re pregnant. There are a number of hair and nail related issues that can arise during pregnancy, and most stylists have done some reading or study on what’s safe during pregnancy and what’s not. In the first trimester, you won’t want to color your hair. You might want to do highlights later on in pregnancy, as the dyes in highlights don’t get as close to your scalp (and therefore your blood stream) as other types of dyes. You can also consider natural hair dyes made with henna, as well as those hair dyes that have reduced amounts of peroxide and ammonia. And, as we mentioned last week, make sure any nail polish that your stylist uses during that manicure or pedicure is DPB free.

  • Treat your skin gently. If your skin is oily, start using oil-free beauty products. Use a facial cleanser meant for oily skin, avoiding salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide as mentioned last time. If your skin is dry, make sure to exfoliate and moisturize. Try to avoid water that’s chlorinated, as it will make your skin even drier.

  • Watch out for the sun. Exposure to the sun can cause you to develop dark blotchy spots on your skin. They’re likely to go away after pregnancy, but you should still try to minimize your exposure to the sun and make sure to use plenty of sunscreen.
So, what about you? Are there other beauty routine changes you’ve made during pregnancy?


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