Healthy Pregnancy Lengths Surprisingly Vary

[Picture Credit:  Some rights reserved by thms.nl]   The length of healthy pregnancies can change by five weeks, despite doctors accurately figuring the conception date, says a recent study. Though healthy pregnancy lengths vary, part of the discrepancy was believed to be because of errors in figuring the baby’s age, said researchers. The research accurately pinpoints conception

What You Should Know about Home Births and Midwives

  A home birth can be a wonderful experience for you, your partner and your baby. While a home birth might seem a little bit out of place in the modern West, it’s important to remember: for the vast majority of human history, home births were the norm. One of the most important components of

Dealing with Fatigue in Early Pregnancy

When you think of early pregnancy symptoms, you probably think of things like: Morning sickness Swollen breasts Backaches Headaches Spotting and cramping Those are all normal symptoms in the first trimester. One of the hardest ones to deal with for many women, though, is the utter fatigue that you feel as your body is going

Secondhand Smoke and Your Baby

In terms of second-hand smoke, some research suggests that second-hand smoke can also be very dangerous to your developing unborn baby.  A pregnant woman who breathes in smoke is getting less oxygen than she otherwise would be.  This, in turn, means that her baby is getting less oxygen than he otherwise might.  This lesser degree

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