Pregnancy Nutrition

Picking the Right Prenatal Vitamin

Just about every pregnant woman is told by her health care provider that she needs to take a prenatal vitamin. Certain specific nutrients, including folic acid, iron and calcium are essential to your baby’s growth, and so it’s no surprise that so many health care providers recommend supplements. (Apparently, there’s even been recent unfounded rumors

Prenatal Vitamins: 3 Key Ingredients

photo credit: Ovi Gherman Prenatal vitamins are pretty much recommended by any obstetrician today. The fact of the matter is that prenatal vitamins offer a number of benefits, both to your developing baby and to you during pregnancy. There are even some doctors that suggest, if you are breast feeding your baby, you continue to

Where to Get Calcium during Pregnancy

photo credit: iferneinez Pregnancy is a time of tremendous importance when it comes to your diet. The fact of the matter is that there are important nutrients that you need more of during pregnancy, and calcium is one of them. Getting enough calcium during pregnancy helps your baby to build strong bones, of course. What

Pregnant? Eat Plenty of Fish and Fruit

photo credit: bortescristian We all know that it’s important to eat healthy, especially when we’re “eating for two.” Ask around, however, and you’ll get some very different ideas on what a healthy diet for a pregnant woman should look like. Most of us are familiar with the warnings: Don’t eat too much wild-caught fish because

Another Reason to Watch Your Salt Intake during Pregnancy

photo credit: moverelbigote Most of us know that we should limit the amount of sodium we take in. Too much sodium causes us to retain water and raises blood pressure, neither of which we want to deal with during pregnancy. Recent research suggests another important reason for limiting our salt and sodium intake during pregnancy.

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