Planning for Postpartum

Baby’s First Week – Part Two

Last time, we talked a little bit about your baby’s first week and what you can expect from him, as well as what you’ll need to do to care for him. Today we’ll continue those thoughts with some more pointers about what to do and what to expect during this crucial time: Keep baby clean

Baby’s First Week – Part One

If you’re like many expectant parents, you’re at least a little bit nervous about taking care of a newborn. After all, your baby is going to rely on you for all of its needs, especially in the beginning. You have to keep your baby safe and healthy, help her to grow the way she’s supposed

How to Lose Those Pregnancy Pounds – The Safe Way

The baby has finally arrived and while he took a few pounds with him, you’ve still got a few more pounds to shed. Don’t worry. With a bit of hard work and dedication, you can get rid of the post-pregnancy weight. The following are just a few tips on how to lose those pregnancy pounds

Post Partum Depression and Breastfeeding

  All too often, mothers dealing with post partum depression are encouraged to distance themselves from their newborn babies. Of course, doing this may require mothers to stop breastfeeding. However, research tends to show that mothers who breastfeed their babies have much fewer instances of post partum depression. Even those breastfeeding mothers who do suffer

Gestational Diabetes and Postpartum Weight Gain

photo credit: jessicafm As if you didn’t already have compelling enough reasons to keep a handle on your weight during and after your pregnancy, a new study suggests that there may be even more reasons to do so. If you’re going to try to get pregnant again at any point, you’ll want to keep weight

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