Labor and Delivery

Elective Induction Poses Risks

photo credit: DioBurto Roughly 10% of deliveries in the United States are induced without a specific medical reason. There are a number of nonmedical reasons why doctors and moms choose to induce labor. Often, the reason is simply convenience. While the practice of elective induction is becoming more common, recent studies show that there are

Working to Reduce Elective C-Sections

photo credit: Lars Plougmann A C-section is sometimes a medical necessary. In some cases, however, the procedure is more or less elective. While it’s somewhat hard to understand why someone would choose to have abdominal surgery when it’s not necessary is a bit confusing, the fact is some women feel safer with a C-section. A

Stillbirth and Pregnancy Complications

photo credit: gogoloopie Because of better prenatal care and advancements in medicine over the past couple of centuries, stillbirth isn’t nearly as commonplace as it used to be. Yet, there are still many families who experience the loss associated with stillbirth. On the day that should be one of the most special days in a

Laughing Your Way through Labor

photo credit: Undertow851 Saying labor is painful is like describing the Himalayas as “bumpy.” The fact is, although women have endured labor for thousands of years without pain relief, it’s nice to know that it’s there if you need it. Because there are some potential problems with certain pain medications, researchers are constantly trying to

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