Labor and Delivery

Should You Deliver Your Baby at Home or In the Hospital?

Home delivery is a subject that’s often highly emotional. Both women and men of all different backgrounds tend to harbor strong ideas about hospital birth versus home birth. There are also disagreements among delivery doctors when it comes to suggesting which place is safer for give birth. Despite the fact that the number of home

New Study Raises Uncertainty About Drug’s Safety During Labor

The labor inducing drug Pitocin, often given to women to help induce labor, has undergone new preliminary research. This new investigation has brought up issues regarding its safety during childbirth. About Pitocin The study determined that using Pitocin to either induce or help labor was connected with unplanned admissions to neonatal intensive care units (NICU).

Top 10 Items to Bring With You to the Delivery Room

  Congratulations! You’re about to have a baby. So do you know what to take to the hospital or birthing center? Here are 10 items to make your stay as relatively pleasant as it can be: Necessities The first thing you’ll do is write down what you absolutely need for your stay. Here are the

Birth Rape

photo credit: SantaRosa OLD SKOOL One of the growing concerns among women who would prefer to deliver their baby naturally is the increasing pressure from certain doctors and hospitals to have a C-section. For example, for a long time it was common practice for many doctors to refuse to deliver a baby naturally if a

Early Term Babies at Risk

photo credit: zosogis Traditionally, full term for pregnancy has been defined as 37 weeks or later. Until very recently, it was assumed that a baby born any time after 37 weeks wouldn’t face the same risks that preemies face. To be sure, there are significant risks of having a baby prior to 37 weeks. According

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