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Prenatal Vaccinations: Whooping Cough

photo credit: USACE Europe District While vaccinations can be a contentious area of discussion, the fact is that the majority of research demonstrates just how helpful vaccinations can be for pregnant women and for their babies. For example, we know that a pregnant woman who gets the flu shot can greatly reduce a number of

High Blood Pressure and Birth Defects

photo credit: jasleen_kaur When you think about the causes of birth defects, you probably think about the obvious: smoking, exposure to radiation or dangerous chemicals, and genetic problems. What you may not realize is that birth defects can be brought about by any number of causes, some known and some unknown. According to some recent

New Risks of Smoking during Pregnancy

photo credit: Faint Sanity You know smoking is bad for you and your baby during pregnancy. It’s printed there, right on the cigarette pack. You don’t need to be told that it’s dangerous. What you may not know, however, is that according to some recent research, there are even more risks of birth defects due

Big Changes Coming for Obese Babies

If you’re like me, you’re constantly amazed at the advances we’re making when it comes to pregnancy. We’ve really got this thing down to a science. Yes, I know it’s the most normal and natural thing in the world as it is, however we’ve managed to make the process smoother – and more importantly, safer

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