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Pregnancy, Fever, and Autism

photo credit: rocknroll_guitar One of the most frustrating things about Autism, of course, is that we really don’t know what causes it. Researchers have identified certain risk factors, and many other potential causes have been identified (and left wanting for scientific evidence). According to one new study involving fever during pregnancy suggests that women who

More About Baby’s Size

photo credit: nikkigomez We’ve talked before about the size of your baby bump, and about how having a smaller or larger baby doesn’t necessarily make your delivery any easier or more difficult. That being said, many women do still wonder about how big their baby will be, and what kinds of things can influence it.

Fresh Air is Good for Baby, Even Before She’s Born

photo credit: grotos We all know that fresh air is good for babies, but a recent study conducted by Columbia University’s Center for Children’s Environmental Health shows that the air a mother breathes during pregnancy is also important to baby’s health. The study, which was conducted primarily in New York City, considered the relationship between

New Research on Folic Acid and Asthma

photo credit: slightly everything If you’ve done any reading about pregnancy nutrition (on this site, or just about anywhere else) you’ve been told to take 400 micrograms or more of folic acid a day during pregnancy. Folic acid helps prevent a number of birth defects, including: Brain defects Spina bifida Anencephaly Some of these defects

How Obesity and Diabetes can Harm Your Baby

We’re constantly discovering more and more ways that some basic health conditions – such as obesity and diabetes – can affect your pregnancy in a negative way. For example, one recent study looked at the development of embryos, and how it could be affected by these conditions. The study measured the exposure of eggs to

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