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Mothers-To-Be Given Personalized Answers from ‘Life Coaches’

  Don’t worry about what painting the baby’s room blue or pink. When Jasmine Warren underwent her 18-week ultrasound, she discovered she would give birth to a son with Spina Bifida, a condition she’d never heard of. Warren had no idea what Spina Bifida was, nor did she know what to expect. She then had

Fish Consumption During Pregnancy Isn’t Linked to Autism

As it turns out, children don’t display autism-like behaviors when the corresponding expecting mothers consume fish. The fear was that low levels of mercury that may be found in some fish was a cause of autism in unborn children. Scientists went through more than 30 years of examinations in the Republic of Seychelles, an island

The Upside of Bottle Feeding

There are many benefits to breast feeding. No one would seriously deny that. However, some mothers are not able to breast feed, or choose not to for any number of legitimate reasons. All too often, they are made to feel as if they have somehow cheated themselves and their baby, and this simply isn’t true.

Creating Your Kick Count Chart

One of the ways that a woman may decide to follow her baby’s progress during pregnancy is through the use of a kick count chart. A kick count chart is a way for you to be able to track your baby’s movements. By setting aside a few minutes each day, you can track just how

New Birth Defect Info

photo credit: CJ Schmit When you think about the causes of birth defects, you probably think about the obvious: smoking, exposure to radiation or dangerous chemicals, and genetic problems. What you may not realize is that birth defects can be brought about by any number of causes, some known and some unknown. According to some

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