Can Dreams Reveal Baby’s Gender?


The idea that dreams can be used to predict the future is nothing new. People have interpreted the meanings of dreams in many ways since the dawn of time. Many suggest that the content of your dreams can help you predict the gender of your baby. Is there any hard evidence of this, or is it just an old wives’ tale?

Without a doubt, dreams are one of the least understood experiences of our human existence. Scientists can only offer what amount to guesses regarding the reasons we dream about the things we dream about. While psychiatrists and psychologists have made some strides in the study of dreams, very little has been done in the scientific community to determine whether expectant mothers can determine the gender of their babies from their dreams.

Those who support the idea that you can predict the gender of your baby by interpreting your dreams come from a wide variety of angles and worldviews. These include:

  • Astrology. Many who advocate astrology also advocate the interpretation of dreams. Some believe you can predict the gender of your baby. Others imply that dreaming about being pregnant (and dreaming about a particular gender for your baby) can be signs that you are about to come into money, find success, or any number of other interpretations.
  • Biblical/Spiritual. Some point to the fact that dreams are often mentioned in the Bible, and that they generally had a deeper meaning which could be interpreted. Arguably, Joseph had such a dream, in which an angel told him Mary would give birth to a son.
  • Content. Some believe that the content of your dreams (even if the dreams themselves are not related to your baby directly) can foretell your baby’s gender. They suggest that dreaming of things like cigars, snakes, and trucks can indicate a boy while dreaming of things like shoes and women’s magazines can indicate a girl. There are even some signs which would not be obvious to a casual dreamer (i.e., dreaming of fish or keyholes allegedly means you’d better paint the nursery pink).

It would be easy to dismiss this completely as a myth except for one thing: most of the studies which have actually been conducted seem to bear out the idea that women who rely on dreams to predict the gender of their babies have an amazingly high success rate. In one study, 100% of the women who predicted their baby’s gender based on their dreams were correct. Granted, only eight women in the study were using dreams to predict their babies’ gender, but that still represents a mere one in 256 chance that all eight women would guess correctly.

Can you predict your baby’s gender based on your dreams? If you need a definitive answer on your baby’s gender, you’d probably do better to wait on the ultrasound. Still, there’s no harm in anything that might make your guesses more accurate in the meanwhile.


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