Big Changes Coming for Obese Babies

If you’re like me, you’re constantly amazed at the advances we’re making when it comes to pregnancy. We’ve really got this thing down to a science. Yes, I know it’s the most normal and natural thing in the world as it is, however we’ve managed to make the process smoother – and more importantly, safer – for both mom and baby. Still, some changes are just mind-boggling.

Take, for example, the drug trial study that’s taking place in the UK. Pregnant moms at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital are going to be given Metformin – which many of you may recognize as a medication for diabetes – in order to try to nip obesity early on.

The idea is that metformin will help to reduce the baby’s chances of obesity. In the immediate term, it’s also hoped that the clinical trials will result in a reduced number of difficult births due to baby’s size. This means fewer C-sections, which is usually a good thing.

In addition, they’re also hoping that the treatments may reduce the risks of pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is, of course, a pregnancy complication where you have severely high blood pressure, and it can even be fatal.

There is some controversy about the study. The CEO of one of the leading weight loss organizations in the UK is concerned about the road this takes us down. It’s disturbing to think that we’re giving drugs to mothers in order to address things like obesity.

Still, there’s a solid scientific basis for the trial. If it proves successful, it could reduce obesity rates, and save lives by reducing the number of c-sections and complications during birth.  And, proponents argue that it’s not that much different from giving a woman prenatal vitamins or giving her other medications that are known to be safe for baby during pregnancy.

Metformin has already been shown to be safe for use by pregnant women. In fact, many pregnant diabetic women will stay on a regimen of Metformin during their pregnancy in order to keep their diabetes in check.

So, what about it? Should we give pregnant women drugs in order to prevent their child from becoming obese? Would you take this kind of medication if it were offered?

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