Baby Bump, Baby Size, and More

she's having a baby
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One of the worries that first-time moms tend to have is just how big their baby is going to be. They imagine that a large baby is going to make for a much more difficult and painful delivery, while a smaller baby will be smooth and easy. From the time they start to show, they look at their baby bump and wonder just how big a present they’re going to have at the end of the third trimester.

Here are some important things you need to know about your baby’s size while you’re pregnant, and especially how it relates to delivery:

  • The size of your baby bump doesn’t have much to do with how big your baby is. As it turns out, your baby’s position and movement have a lot more to do with your baby bump’s size than how big your baby is. Not only that, first-time moms are much more likely to have a smaller bump, if only because of the fact that those muscles will grow lax and help things spread out for subsequent pregnancies. The amount of amniotic fluid can vary greatly, too.
  • A small baby doesn’t mean you’re going to have an easy labor. There’s no evidence to suggest that this is the case. In fact, some smaller babies may take longer to make the journey through the birth canal than bigger babies.
  • A large baby doesn’t mean a difficult birth. If your baby is large enough that the doctor thinks her size might cause a medical concern, that’s one thing; anything short of that, and your baby’s size doesn’t mean you’re going to have a difficult birth. Your baby’s position and just how relaxed you’re able to be have a lot more to do with how difficult the birth will be.

The fact of the matter is that you won’t really know until you’re ready to have your baby just how big he will be. This isn’t something you should overly concern yourself with while you’re pregnant. When it comes time to deliver your baby, talk with your doctor about your baby’s size if you have any concerns, and she can help you work through them.

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