Are you planning a baby shower for yourself, a relative, or a friend? Here are some unique ideas for games, gifts, favors and food sure to guarantee a terrific party for everyone!

Most baby showers are held before the baby is born usually toward the end of pregnancy to celebrate the welcoming of the new baby.

When selecting a date for the party, first make sure the time is convenient for the parents to be. Additionally, you may wish to try accommodate those folks that are important to the parents to be such as grandparets for example. After the date as been selected, its time to put together the invitation list. This is also the time to start considering the theme of the shower, so that invitations can be purchased that will compliment the shower theme. If you’re hosting the shower, you may have some ideas about who to invite, but its also important to consult with the guest or guests of honor before finalizing your list. That way you avoid leaving out someone important or inviting someone the mom (or dad) would rather not include.

What about hosting a shower for the expectant mom and dad? Although many baby showers still follow the “for women only” tradition, coed parties are growing in popularity. It all depends on what sort of gathering you’re planning. If the shower is for a second or subsequent baby (these babies deserve a celebration, too!), the guest list is usually made up of close friends and family and anyone who was, for whatever reason, not invited to the first shower.

Should you throw a surprise baby shower? As yourself if your guest of honor doesn’t like surprises, you may be putting her in an awkward position. If you let the future parents in on the arrangements, you can be confident that they’ll be pleased with the outcome.

On the baby shower invitations while including the basic who, what, where, when, and RSVP information on the invitation, this is a good time to let the guests know the theme of the shower inside and if and where the expectant parents are registered for baby gear. This tends to be a bit more tasteful than offering the registry when the guests call to RSVP. Plan to send invitations out early enough to give the guests at least a few weeks’ notice: This allows them enough time to work the shower into their schedules and shop for the perfect gift.

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Your Perfect Baby Shower