People who attended the couple’s wedding ceremony should be invited to the baby shower, but it is always advisable to consult first with the mother-to-be and the father-to-be in some cases, particularly if you are planning to invite him as well. Until some year ago, baby showers were “women only” events where men did not participate but times have changed.

Nowadays, not only the father-to-be is invited to the party, but every day more and more couples participate together in the baby showers. This fact is important for new parents because they both can be involved as the goes on, and the inclusion of men at the event is a growing trend and may bring more fun during the 2 hours in average that most showers last.

Once you have decided if the baby shower will be an only women event, if you will invite the father-to-be along with other men, or if the shower will be a couple’s only party double check if yours will be the first baby shower for the mother-to-be. You do not want to keep inviting the same guests repeatedly to the new parents baby shower.

While many people may enjoy attending more than one baby showers for the same mother-to-be, some others may find it repetitive or even boring. The only exception is the family, because husband, parents and other close family will gladly attend any event to celebrate the miracle of a new baby.

Best friends and long time friends may be included in repetitive lists with a note of no obligation to attend all the events if they do not want to or they cannot assist. If you keep a copy of the wedding’s guest list that would be help, otherwise try to retrieve one from the mother-to-be or from any person who attended the wedding ceremony.

Review the list to plan whom you will invite and if there will be more people to invite to the baby shower, organize your list by groups, in example, neighbors, co-workers, circumstantial friends, etc. Anyway, if you are in doubt first check with the mother-to-be as a way to make sure that you have included everyone that she wishes to attend.

Remember that good old days’ only women baby showers have their own charm. Among women, they are more willing to play some game and share tips, experiences and advice with the mother to be than they would be with men present.

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Who Should Be Invited To The Baby Shower?