When the eventual birth of the baby is announced, the good news spread fast and soon the persons closer to the mother-to-be come up with the idea to hold a baby shower. It is traditional that the person who plans the shower and invites the guests pays for the shower because this party is usually considered a gift for the mother-to-be, although there is nothing wrong with asking some of the guests for help with the cost, but never the mom-to-be.

On the other hand, when the hostess has planned the shower and is able to pay for the cost of the party, there might be some other guests willing to help in both, planning and co-hosting with you sharing the shower costs. Whether you receive a helping hand or if you are considering asking some guests to participate, try to be tactful when it comes to asking for money.

Under certain circumstance, some guests would be happy to contribute towards the costs of the shower even if they do not have enough time to be involved in planning the shower, or even attending the party on the planned date. Getting together several friends to share the expenses not only saves money for the hostess but it may also add fun, such as creating a potluck.

With the knowledge that you as the hostess will be who pay for the shower, the first step is determine the budget for the shower. This is important not only to know how much you can spend, but also to decide if you will ask for co-host participation or accept those who may offer they help. If others do offer to help with the costs you can spend more on food, decorations, or even rent a local place for celebrating the baby shower.

Exceptions to the rule, may apply when one person who can afford the money insists to pay the costs. Some people may feel an obligation to do this if they cannot help with the planning, preparing or attending the baby shower or the responsibility to share the expenses. It may also occur when a group of friends gets their funds together as unexpectedly contributions. Moreover, remember the baby shower is not a competition to see who pays for more items or who can hold the best shower in the neighborhood.

Co-hosting a baby shower can be an advantage. Instead of one person bearing the total cost dividing the total cost among the guests that are willing to participate to make the baby shower much more affordable. but it is up to you make this decision because even with a low cost shower, you can create an event that will be unforgettable.

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Who Pays For The Baby Shower?