Since anyone can plan a baby shower, either the friends of the mother-to-be or the couple, their family members, and/or co-workers, the place where the event will be held varies. Most of the times a mother-to-be has many different baby showers celebrate in different locations.

In any case, the general rule says that baby showers should be held in the home of the hostess, however not necessary because depending on the accessibility of the place they can be held elsewhere. This also applies when the baby shower is co-hosted and there are a number of people involved in the planning, in which case the shower is held in the home of the person who lives closer to the mother-to-be or the person who lives in the neighborhood that everyone is familiar with.

Depending on the budget of the hostess or the co-hostess, the baby shower can be held in a restaurant, venue or anywhere, including rental locations, churches, parks or any other public location checking first with local authorities to see if it is necessary to have a permit. Celebrating in a location other that the hostess’ home may be even more fun and many venues have baby shower packages with all the necessities to make yours a memorable event.

You may also stretch your budget or ask for help from other guests to help in the costs and hold the baby shower outside if any of your homes are not big enough to hold the mother-to-be and the guests comfortably. Although is not usual, consider that many of the guests may want to bring their children with them and sometimes, even their pets. Holding a baby shower outside may save you from cleaning all the mess after the shower.

Decide if the baby shower will be held outside the hostess’ home also depends on the kind of feel that you want to have or the special feel you want to give to the mother-to-be. Celebrating the baby shower outside may be a more casual and relaxed event, and depending on the location, even more intimate.

If you want to give the expectant mother an unforgettable party, then consider an elegant reception hall or a glamorous restaurant, but only if you are sue she will feel comfortable and of course, if the budget allows such spending.

When planning the baby shower, bear in mind the number of guests you will invite and how much space you may need, including parking facilities, plus the noise level to avoid upsetting the neighbors. Considering these aspects is necessary to decide where the baby shower will be held.

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Where Should The Baby Shower Be Held?