Most showers are held in the last trimester, usually 4 to 6 weeks before the baby’s due date. Planning the baby shower too close to the due date can be risky in the event the baby comes early. On the other hand, it is fun when the mom-to-be has a large belly. Most showers occur on the weekends, but they can also happen in the afternoon or evening depending on people’s schedules. Check with the mom-to-be to see what works best for her.

Another aspect to take into consideration is the desired location of the baby shower. You will need to determine if it is available during the time you wish to hold the baby shower. Depending upon the number of guest that is invited, will of course help you decide upon the location. If it is a small group, the home of the hostess might be a good choice. For larger baby showers, consider a larger location such as a church facility, restaurant or rental location.

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When Should the Baby Shower Happen?