Traditionally, baby showers are given before the baby is born, particularly when it comes to celebrating first-time mothers, and the showers are usually given in the last month of her pregnancy. However, for mothers having their second or third children, the planning of a baby shower may include the possibility to celebrate it after the baby has been born.

The first baby shower gives the new parents the possibilities to dream about their new child and play with the gifts they receive, but after the first baby it is proper to celebrate the baby shower before or after the baby’s birth and ask to the mother-to-be when she prefers to hold her shower. The advantage of an after-birth baby shower is that people can choose their gifts accordingly to the gender of the new baby.

Speaking in general terms, a baby shower should be planned as soon as possible after it is known a baby will arrive, and then set the date to hold the shower 4 to 8 weeks before the baby is due, otherwise set 4 to 6 weeks after the baby’s birth. You may ask the mother-to-be for a particular date she wants for her event or you may give her a surprise shower but observing this time.

A surprise baby showers may be as exciting for the first-time mother-to-be as for the mother just having a new baby, but because pregnancy is a condition that can cause women to get tire easily, it is best is give the party between the third and the seven month of pregnancy. If the mother-to-be is still having morning sickness and is very tired, she will not enjoy her shower as much as she will when this trimester is over.

Regarding the best day for the event; baby showers can be held any time of the day, on any day of the week and not only during the weekends as many people believe, however it is necessary to consider which date maybe convenient for the mother-to-be and the guests invited to the baby shower. It may be difficult to know these things if you are planning a surprise baby shower.

A non-surprise baby shower not only lets you know exactly when is the best time for her to celebrate the arrival of her baby but also makes the mother-to-be know that people who love her are planning a special party for her baby. This way she can also be prepared and look her best. If she has other children, this will also allow her the time to arrange for a baby sitter.

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When Should The Baby Shower Be Given?