When mailing baby shower invitations it is important to state an RSVP date. This simply means “please reply.” This lets the hostess know exactly who will or will not be in attendance. As a hostess you should expect guests to reply promptly, perhaps the same day. From a practical point of view, this allows the hostess who is planning the baby shower, to know exactly how many people to count on and how much food and drink to buy. The baby shower invitation should be mailed out 4-6 weeks in advance and the RSVP should be no later than 2 weeks prior than the baby shower. However, as a hostess, understand there will more than likely still be last minute people to call and RSVP. A well organized hostess will calculate a few extra in her planning number.

When guests RSVP if any additional information has been gathered regarding the mother-to-be and/or the baby such as the baby’s sex or any additional gift registries, it is a perfectly good time to make the guest aware at that time. In addition, if guests are calling to respectfully decline, offer options for them to drop off their gift ahead of time if they desire.

As a hostess, you want to be sure that some of the most important people to the mother-to-be are going to be in attendance. In the event for instance, grandmother did not RSVP or a favorite aunt or best friend…it would be perfectly acceptable to call them and just make sure they actually received the invitation.

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When Should Guests RSVP?