Baby Shower Invitations can be purchased at a variety of places such as specialty card shops, Discount Stores, Office Supply Stores and online. Each person that is invited should receive a separate invitation, regardless if they live in the same household as someone that has been invited. The invitations need to be mailed 4-6 weeks in advance of the shower to allow the family and friends enough time put it into their schedule as well as ample time to do their shopping and to RSVP.

It is becoming more and more common place for people to use the internet for inviting guests to showers and other parties. Most traditionalist still prefer sending the invitation by mail because there is something special about receiving that envelope and opening it up that can not be duplicated by email. It is however, acceptable and the same rules should apply as to the advance notice and RSVP date.

Your baby shower invitation should include the following:

• Name of the Mother-to-be (and dad too if he will be attending)

• Theme of the nursery the mother has planned

• Date and time of the baby shower

• Location and directions to the baby shower

• Name and address of hostess/host

• Has the sex of the baby been determined?

• Where guest of honor has a registry

• Tell them if a meal is planned, refreshments, appetizers, etc

• Decorating scheme of guest of honor

• Date needed to RSVP

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What’s Included in A Baby Shower Invitation