If you are planning on hosting a baby shower, there are no certain rules or guidelines that one needs to follow. Anything can happen at a baby shower as long as everyone enjoys it. Baby showers are a great way to congratulate the new mom and her family and shower her with lots of gifts and blessings. Typically baby showers are given to a mom who is having her first baby, or if she has had a long time between children.

Generally at the baby shower, there will be light refreshments served, games to be played, and laughter abound. Baby Shower Games are lots especially good to play if guests do not know each other well. In that case games act as a big icebreaker. Typically, three to five games are played at a baby shower, depending on how much time each baby shower game takes. Most of these can even be free baby shower games by using items from around your home. For example, you can take a roll of toilet paper with you to the party. Each guest is asked to tear off how much they need. (They do not know what the need is…which is really funny). Once everyone has how much they need…They are to try see who can got the closest amount to circle the mother-to-be’s tummy. Certain games, such as ‘caught ya saying baby’ can be ongoing and really doesn’t take up any time…other than the laughter of getting caught for instance when saying the word baby, and having your baby pin stolen. Other games might be a thought provoking game such as naming the baby, and guessing the weight and arrival. Having small gifts for the winners is another great idea…such as candles, picture frames, bath soaps, coffee mugs, etc.

During the shower, make sure mom-to-be can participate from a comfy chair. Traditionally, baby showers were “women only” celebrations but you will find that these days men are also being included and loving it! The baby shower is generally held about 4-6 weeks before or after the birth. Whether to have the shower prior to the birth of the baby, or after the arrival would be up to the parents-to-be. It is thought helpful to have the shower before the baby arrives, so that the parents are prepared with all the tiny things baby needs…and given far enough in advance, they have the opportunity to really prepare the nursery for the baby.

Often it is tempting to want to throw a surprise party, but this should be thought of very carefully. Sometimes, the mom-to-be just would prefer to be put on alert. More importantly, wouldn’t it be terrible to plan an event, only to find out the parents-to-be couldn’t not be in attendance? Think very carefully on whether a surprise party would be a good idea.

To assure a well planned and organized baby shower, perhaps try using the following pointers:

Prior to the Shower:

  • You should consult with the parents-to-be as to who you should invite. Often times, the parent-to-be will have more than one baby shower. The church group may give one, co-workers may give one, and perhaps you are in charge of family and close friends.
  • Send the invitations 4-6 weeks in advance.
  • Is the mother-to-be registered anywhere? If so, include this on the invitation. Likewise, if there is a special theme you can also include this on the invitation.
  • Prepare baby shower decorations. An awesome useful centerpiece is a diaper cake…a cake which is created using rolled diapers and held together with a beautiful ribbon and bow. Craft stores are a great source to find decorations and ideas.
  • If you are serving food, decide on what will be served. Contact the caterer well in advance.

During the shower activities:

  • Upon arrival, greet the shower guests, put the gifts on the gift table, give them a name tag and offer them a beverage.
  • Provide a gift table near where the mom-to-be will be seated to open them. As guests arrive, ensure their envelope or gift tag is securely attached to their gift before putting it on the table.
  • Introduce them to other guests.
  • When everyone has arrived, start with an icebreaker game to get things started.
  • Now is the time to serve light beverages to everyone.
  • If serving a meal, let the guests know when to help themselves.
  • While guests are enjoying their desserts, the mom can open her gifts.
  • Play one last game and pass out any gifts for the shower guests to gently bring the shower to a close.

As these are one-time events for many couples, try to capture every single moment on video camera. It’s also a lot of fun to have disposable camera’s sitting at each table, so that guest can feel free to pick it up and take pictures during the shower. With careful planning your shower will be a very fun and memorable event. The guest of honor is sure to feel happy and loved!

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