Planning a baby shower is a lot of work and a whole lot of fun. Have a plan in your mind of how things should go at the shower. This way all the activities at a baby shower go accordingly to your plan and they happen in a timely manner. It is your job as the hostess to make sure the games, present opening, and picture taking all get done and done right.

Around the seventh or eighth month of a pregnancy, a plan for a baby shower should be in the works. Once a time, date, and place have been decided upon, the work for the party does not end. Your guests have begun to arrive and you must keep them busy. Have the food ready to be served so that your guests can show up, greet the mom to be, and nibble on some tasty treats. Once everyone has had time to taste all the goodies that you have prepared, have everyone take seats and begin playing the games you have decided upon. This gets everyone actively involved in the party. Not every mom to be is going to want to play games at her baby shower. Discuss this part of the shower beforehand and if games are not wanted, maybe the mom to be can sit back, relax, and have a good laugh while everyone else plays.

After all the games are played and the prizes have been won, it is time to open up the baby gifts. Have the new mom sit in a comfy chair and start handing the gifts to her. This is her time to be in the spotlight. Do not make her get up or lift anyone of her gifts. Treat her as if she is a princess on this special day. As all of the events are taking place, take pictures. At a later date, these baby day photos can be added to a baby book or put into frames and given to each one of the baby shower guests that attended the party.

The events of a baby shower are to be maintained by the hostess. The order of events that I have listed above is pretty general, but they can be toggled around to fit your baby shower needs. Whatever the order, the new mom will love the party and the fact that the people closet to her were there to help celebrate the new bundle of joy that is about to enter her life.

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What Order Should The Events Happen At A Baby Shower?