The food served at a baby shower is equally as important as having the guests. Everyone will love snack foods that they can carry around while they talk to other party guests. With a new mom to be, little snack foods are a must have. She will appreciate a snack to nibble on between the hugs and pictures.

Your food at a baby shower should revolve around the party’s theme. Say your baby shower theme is under the sea: baby and me. Have the cake made to resemble the ocean. It can have a chocolate baby on top floating along with waves of the ocean. Use blue food coloring in the ice cubes and add these to ordinary glasses of water. Anchors away as your guests munch on fish shaped chocolates. As for snacks, you can have seashell shaped cookies colored pink or blue, of course. Color-code the rest of the food to accompany your theme. With the baby under the sea theme, have blue colored foods with white side dishes. Mashed potatoes work well here.

Have bite sized party foods available. Finger foods, chips, and dip are great foods that allow your guests to walk around, talk to other guests, and still be able to eat. There is no need to make an entire meal for this great event for the new mom to be. In addition, chocolate candies or cookies in the shapes of bottles, safety pins, or rattles are also popular favorites for baby showers. Do not forget to color the snacks accordingly. Pink for girls, blue for boys, and yellow or green for the unknowns. This color-coding also applies to the plates, utensils, and the tablecloth.

Consider the new mom’s favorite dishes as you prepare more hearty selections for the guests. You may also have a potluck baby shower where each guest brings a dish they love. This allows for less stress on your part and also involves each and every guest. Make sure you have enough selections for everyone, so that each guest feels like there is something at the party for them. Fruit and vegetable trays are also an option for the party if you are looking for a healthy alternative to cookies and candies. Whatever you choose to serve at a baby shower, make sure you have plenty. With all the game playing and present opening, it is a great idea to have snacks for the new mom to be and the guests to nibble on.

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What Kinds Of Food Should Be Served At The Baby Shower?